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MedLifeSolutions Inc. is the exclusive provider of the following products:
  • MedLifeMD: Certified EHR and Management System

  • MedLifeCard: Personal Medical Record Systems for Government, Business and Health Management

  • Smith Wilson Capital Financial Solutions
The products and services offered by MedLifeMd provide a product that is ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 compliant and CCHIT 2011 Certified EHR and Practice Management System.  In addition, our professionals will assist with site planning and implementation for new and upgraded medical offices,   The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) allows for a series of bonus payments for those providers who implement “Meaningful Use” certified technology.  Using the proffered technology, each provider can receive a total of $44,000 under Medicare or $64,000 under Medicaid.  The Prescription Software allows for interoperability with the Nation’s pharmacies thereby improving the safety, efficiency and the quality of the prescribing process.
The EHR and Practice Management System offers unparalleled reliability, ease of use, efficiency and customizability.  The Ambulatory EHR version is very affordable, web-enabled and supports a wide range of devices.   In addition are offered a comprehensive set of services such as Revenue Cycle Management, Medical Transcription, Document Management, Patient Portal, and Patient Reminder, as part of an integrated solution under one roof, helping practices to effectively address their financial, administrative, clinical, and regulatory needs.

General: The MedLifeCard Internet Database System and its unique properties for the individual fill an important niche for the collection of multiple patient records originated by separate medical entities. The System may be adapted to many different database solutions. As a necessary service, MedLifeCard dealers can fulfill the many needs of the government and business healthcare benefit community. These needs can extend from the smallest digital appliances for each System’s subscribers to the build out cost of Enterprise and Rebrand Solutions. See the suggested products at

Smith Wilson Capital
Smith Wilson Capital has a wide range of affiliations within the equipment leasing community.  It will assist any healthcare organization to obtain a comprehensive system solution encountered by its MedLifeMD or MedLifeCard clients.  


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